Monday, September 29, 2008

US Politics

When I first went into to Lander I was a Political Science major. I changed that because I realized I didn't want to get into the business of dirty politics and I would rather serve justice (I am a Criminal Justice major now). However, I did take quite a few political science classes before I realized all of this, but I am by no means a Politician, just your average American concerned about their country. So I decided to start a blog to complain!! Sorry!!
First off, as we see today in America the stock market fell to its worst ever while the House turned down the bailout plan. Now, what would you do if you were president??? And how many people would agree with you??? Probably not many. Rarely does anyone ever agree on what other people say. I must say...I am not in Congress nor in the Senate, so my news and what I hear does come from the NEWS. Anyways, House decided against the bailout plan, and before the vote..good ol' Nancy Pelosi (being sarcastic) has to make a little speech, and what I noticed while watching her speech is while America is in a crisis and was making one of the most important speeches she is blaming Bush. And Democrats are just as much to blame as anybody (remember Clinton? - the president before Bush). And whether the bailout plan is a good one or not, I don't know?...but I don't know it would be nice to see taking action instead of playing a game! I believe in our president and what he has to offer because he is the PRESIDENT of the UNITED States. We have never had a perfect president in the US, so don't expect it. But, its not just her, its other politicians too. Can we please just get America through this instead of playing the blame game!! Forget who did this and that two years ago...its the past! Let's just fix the problem. But, I think it would help if before an important decision our President isn't bashed on. Something I have learned through taking American Politics classes and such, is that anything the President wants to do it has to get passed by Congress first. Correct? Correct! Congress can veto anything that the President wants to do! Not to say we shouldn't even have a president or anything like that. But, pay attention to who you vote for for Senate and Congress. Who is your Represenitive and Senator and what does he stand for?
Lastly, I am not one to tell you who to vote for. As an American citizen its your right to chose who to vote for, my concern is why are you voting for who you are going to vote for?! Is it because she's a woman? or he is an African American. Are you really paying attention to who you are voting for? Every president and every other American citizen wants a change, but the president alone isn't going to bring change. It's up to us as American citizens to bring that change, work together. There is too much of pointing fingers at other people in the world today! Let's start taking a stand!

Side Note: I am not an English Major...therefore I am sure there are quite a few errors, but this isn't for a grade right?!

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